Told from a novel point of view, Days Bygone is an adventure set in post-apocalyptic American Northwest. The story follows a young man and his companion as they solve mysteries of the past, including the fate of those they will never come to know.

Numero Uno


Brooks Donohue

Brooks Donohue - Elliot

Educated in linguistics and cultural anthropology, Brooks brings his considerable acting ability to audio drama. An avid role-player, Brooks has extensive experience creating and inhabiting dramatic worlds, both as live-action characters and as a producer behind the scenes. By day, Brooks can be found clothing the minds and bodies of his loyal friends and patrons.


E Falcon

E Falcon - Writer/Director

E is a maker of worlds, characters and stories for the newest generation of progressive media. Growing up with an insatiable appetite for the written word, E has been creating formal and contemporaneous writing since childhood. E's latest efforts focus on tabletop and live-action roleplay worlds, collaborative projects, and audio drama.

Steve Falcon

Steve Falcon - Sound Designer/Mixer

Steve does freelance production and post services for audio drama, music and film. With training in audio engineering and experience in corporate TV and software development, Steve likes to push the boundaries of computer-based production.